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Genoa shopping district

Genoa shopping district


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Genoa is undoubtedly a treasure chest in terms of style and fashion

Thanks to its millenary and fascinating history, Genoa is undoubtedly a treasure chest in terms of style and fashion. The main port has always been a fundamental junction for the trade of raw materials, fabrics and goods and over the centuries Genoa has developed a thriving market of historic shops, high fashion boutiques, workshops, goldsmiths and emporiums.

And maybe not everyone knows that...

The blue jeans were born in Genoa, in the fifteenth century and more precisely in the ancient port where this canvas of blue color was created and used for the manufacture of sails of ships and for roofing tarps, as very durable and easily washable.
With the great emigrations, around the nineteenth century, the blue canvas of Genoa arrived in America where it was used to create work clothes for miners.
This is where the original name changed from "Blue de Genes" to blue jeans.
Also not to be missed is the Serravalle Designer Outlet, only 40 minutes' drive from the hotel, where you can find top designer clothing and accessories.

High fashion shopping district

Via Roma and Galleria Mazzini are definitely the place to be if you are passionate about high fashion and want to visit the best boutiques. The style of Galleria Mazzini is typical of the late 1800s, with large bronze chandeliers and a glass dome in an iron skeleton. If you feel tired of “too much shopping”, take a break in one of the historic cafes and contemplate the bustle of the city.

Textile stores

Between Piazza Campetto and Piazza San Lorenzo you can find  the lovely Via di Scurreria. Originally a neighborhood of laborers and silk workers, it now houses tailor's stores and leather goods stores. Here you can customize your style in a truly unique and inimitable way.

Artisan stores

If you are an excellent collector of unique pieces, your final destination can only be Via Orefici or Via Luccoli. Here time seems to have stopped and among the alleys (in Genoese slang "carrugi"), you will find goldsmiths, emporiums and antique shops. Our Concierge is always ready to provide you with the best suggestions on where to go to satisfy your shopping desire!


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