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The Bristol Palace's pesto

The Bristol Palace's pesto


Mon, 04/15/2024 - 10:00

The secret lies in the sea

Here’s the secret list of all the ingredients that make Bristol Palace's pesto genovese as famous as inimitable. Our basil comes only from the Pra' area and, as the General Manager says, "it is the only basil that face over the sea”. The pine nuts are selected from pine cones of the Tuscan provinces. The sea characterises all the recipes of the Hotel Bristol Palace and the pesto is its highest expression. The correct quantities to continue creating true Genoese pesto are two-thirds of Parmesan and one-third of pecorino, with just a pinch of salt. At this point His Majesty the Riviera di Ponente olive oil comes over, ready to lovingly combine the recipe.

As a true Genoese (or rather, a Genoese DOCG as the General Manager has defined himself), a clove of garlic per person is a must have to complete the recipe. At least you should add desire, passion, mix everything with the classic tools of the pestle and marble mortar and do not forget to pour lots of love, the secret ingredient of every recipe at the Hotel Bristol Palace.


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