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Bristol Palace, the green evolution of a Genoese art-nouveau jewel

Bristol Palace, the green evolution of a Genoese art-nouveau jewel


Fri, 06/04/2021 - 09:00

The Ristorante Giotto

Only those who stop changing grow old. This is why, albeit with a long history behind it, the Hotel Bristol Palace in Genoa is still “young”, pervaded by new, future-oriented energy. The Palace has been in the frontline in promoting the most important cultural development of recent decades: namely the battle against climate change.

A “visionary” hotel since 1905

The Bristol has always represented the avant-garde, ever since it opened in 1905. Right from its architectural style: it is in fact, one of the city’s art-noveau jewels. For more than a century its all-glass revolving door has ushered in celebrities, crowned heads, artists and intellectuals of international fame, including heads of state such as the Emperor Hirohito, the Infanta of Spain, Yitzhak Rabin and Simon Peres, the Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini, former Italian president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, ballet dancers Rudolf Nureyev and Carla Fracci, and, more recently, Colin Firth and many others. The great Alfred Hitchcock stayed here not once but twice: it’s said that the grand central staircase, the symbol of the hotel, was the inspiration for the spiral leitmotiv in his masterpiece, Vertigo.

The centre of the hotel’s attention is its guests, whose wellbeing is its prime objective. The concept is echoed by another broader, more global concept: namely the environment, our common home. Which is why the Bristol is investing in ecological transition. After all, to be green at heart means taking care of oneself, of others and of everything that surrounds us. In order to enjoy what life has to offer to the full.

One of the Bristol Palace’s deluxe rooms

The Progetto Green: every detail counts

The Bristol Palace has long adopted the so-called Progetto GREEN, a project that includes methods to reduce energy consumption and rely on certified green suppliers. A whole range of choices, great and small, to help build a better future.

The hotel has implemented any number of actions: by using low-consumption LEDs, for example, it avoids using 222 g of CO2 per guest, which, in terms of benefits for the environment, is the equivalent of saving eight trees.

Materials such as toners and waste batteries that demand special attention are disposed of separately, and by using biodegradable and recyclable materials products for cleaning and conveniences, the hotel is reducing its refuse production. All textile materials are treated by the Pedersoli Group, which adopts systems that reduce energy consumption by 35% compared to traditional ones. This is why the company is one of the first anywhere to receive ISO 9001 process certification and UNI EN 14065product hygienic quality certification.

Other examples: in their rooms or in meeting rooms, guests are offered cups individually sealed in biodegradable plastic wrapping and glass bottles. All the liquid detergents and sanitisers used are biodegradable and contained in PET recyclable resin bottles, while garment bags in wardrobes are made of corn starch.

In every room, guests will find our “I libri della buonanotte” (Goodnight Books) library dedicated to the hotel. The books, like all the hotel’s communication, are produced with FSC paper, which has transparent wood certification. The bathrooms are enhanced by Trussardi line courtesy sets, produced with recycled plastic from the world’s oceans. Last but not least, products such as Segafredo coffee boast further certifications of environmental sustainability.

Always keen to keep up to date with the most innovative solutions for a greener future, the Bristol Palace and Gruppo Duetorrihotels are forging the way to a more sustainable tourism.


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