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Discovering Bristol Palace

"The warm sunshine greeted me as I walked out of the station and I took a moment to breath in the fresh air before heading to my hotel. The weather was sublime- especially because it was only the end of February. I was anxious to get to my hotel to drop my bags and to explore the new city, but I knew the hotel was only a 13 minute walk from the station, so I walked passed the taxis confidently, searching for the first street that I knew I needed to take in order to get myself to the Hotel Bristol Palace"

"Upon arrival to the hotel, after entering through the rotating doors, which always make me nervous that I’ll someday get stuck in one. I was greeted with two, bright smiles behind the front desk. “Buongiorno! Are you checking in?” I replied that I was and that I was looking for Fiorenza, the manager at the property, who I had been emailing with in anticipation to my stay. “Awwhh Signora Ebner! Okay! Let us get her.” I watched the reservations agent scurry to the back office and I immediately looked back up to the ceiling, which I had caught only a glance of when walking into the hotel. I could only imagine how ridiculous I looked, with my mouth gaping wide open and I’m positive that I instantly whispered “wow” like Owen Wilson would have. The reservation agent caught me off guard and said, “it’s amazing, isn’t it?” You got that right."



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