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Genoa's Aquarium, one of the largest and most modern marine parks in Europe and one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions of our country, houses fifty-nine tanks that reproduce evocative Mediterranean and oceanic habitats, as well as Polar and Tropical ones, so as to allow over 500 marine species to survive and reproduce. Extraordinary exhibits allow one to view the secret habits of dolphins, sharks, fish of all kinds, penguins, jellyfish, crocodiles, the mysterious, colorful inhabitants of the Caribbean and Red Sea coral reefs. Moreover, a raised walkway leads to the world of seals. Special attention has been paid to educational activities and guided tours are offered for all grade schools. The staff's scientific expertise is constantly being updated through research projects, affiliations, and debates with major Italian and international universities, and with the most important worldwide research centers on marine life and habitats. Every six months a new subject is presented and exhibits and conferences on the topic are organized.

Old port
The old port has once more become the focus of the city's interests, no longer as a naval and trade center, but as a multifunctional tourist and cultural center. The area's current modern appearance blends both modern, functional elements with older ones. At times these older elements are interpreted in a modern key, as is the case with the futuristic outline of the Bigo scenic elevator, whose design was inspired by the mast of a sailboat. A large, rotating elevator takes visitors up to an altitude of forty meters from where they may enjoy a charming view of Genoa's Old Town and port. There are several tourist attractions in this area and possibilities to enjoy a show. Attractions include the Aquarium, Sea and Seafaring Pavilion, National Antarctic Museum, City of Children, De Amicis Library, Cotton Warehouse Conference Center, and an outdoor pool. The marina's old pier is now equipped with a modern tourist harbor that includes all ground transportation services and is suitable for mooring all types of vessels. Thanks to its strategic position, it is an ideal point of departure from which to venture on itineraries to discover the historic sites of Genoa and Liguria's coastline. It is also a point of direct contact with the rest of the world through the nearby international Cristoforo Colombo Airport.

Città dei Bambini (City of Children)
The City of Children was built by Porto Antico Spa of Genovafollowing the project of "Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie" of Paris - La Villette and "Imparagiocando" of Genova.
It is managed by Costa Edutainment s.p.a, owner of Genoa Aquarium too.
It permits children to make a ludic - educational course inside a completely covered pavilion.
Cotone Congress Centre - Genova
Cotone Congressi Genova manages a complete range of technical services and facilities
It is dedicated to conventions, exhibitions and related activities.
Plus the charm of Ancient Port area, rich of culture and business proposals perfect for post congressese activity.

Old town
In order to discover Genoa's evocative and picturesque Old Town, where, amid misty and shadowy plays of light, splendors and miseries clash within the meandering labyrinth of narrow streets, tourists and Genoa's citizens alike may choose an itinerary that best suits their fancy. Possibilities include tourist attraction itineraries, archeological itineraries, typological itineraries (covering Genoa's churches, museums, palazzi, votive shrines, or corporations), or itineraries focusing on one of the city's historical periods (the Middle Ages, the Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth centuries).

The lighthouse, a symbol of the city, is one of the oldest lighthouses still in use. Rising 117 meters, it is easily spotted from out at sea and its light is emitted for up to a distance of 36 nautical miles. Standing within the neighborhood of San Benigno, near the city's modern skyscrapers housing the new administrative center, it signals entry into the city for those arriving in Genoa from its western tip. The tower's exterior consists of two towers and inside it contains a staircase that leads up to the tower from the ground floor. Damaged and restored a number of times, the lighthouse is now open to the public, who may climb up to the first tower's terrace from which one may enjoy a stunning scenic view of the city. A promenade commissioned by the city's Provincial Government has recently been completed. It is accessible to all and leads one directly to the lighthouse's feet: the itinerary begins near the Columbus-Sea Hotel, not far from the large Terminal Traghetti parking area. In view of 2004, the year in which Genoa is to be Europe's cultural capital, the area surrounding the lighthouse is being entirely refurbished, and an innovative museum, the Museo della Genovesita, is being set up in the Savoy family's fortifications underlying the lighthouse.

Palazzo Ducale
This old building, which was once the site of the Genoese Republic's power and the official Residence of its Doges, is currently a large multifunctional space that is open to the public and is not only a historic building, but especially a cultural and social think tank for the city and its territory. Within the building visitors may have access to the Great Council's Hall, The Minor Council's Hall, the Doges' Chapel, and the Grimaldina Tower with its famous Prisons. The Palazzo Ducale covers an area of 26,000 square meters and is an exceptionally functional space in which to hold exhibits, shows, conferences, concerts, and special events. The palazzo's vast seventeenth-century spaces also house libraries, archives, and research and design facilities pertaining to the city. The areas devoted to cultural activities house institutional entities and cultural associations, along with a series of metaphorical rooms (e.g., the Jazz Room, The Film Room, The Poetry Room, The Robotics Room, and the Photography Room) that enhance Genoa's cultural and creative life.

Via Garibaldi or Strada Nuova
In 1716 the last building on the ancient street of Strada Nuova was erected. Begun in 1550, the street has been known as Via Garibaldi since 1882. The three buildings owned by the Commune of Genoa (the Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Tursi) will all become part of a joint exhibit that will constitute the core of a "museum complex" that will focus on ancient works of art. The city's ancient street, Strada Nuova, is thus to become a true open-air museum, a masterpiece of Genoese architecture. The Website provides information on the street's history and the thirteen palazzi lining it.

Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno
Built between 1844 and 1851, the cemetery of Staglieno includes the graves of such famous figures as Mazzini; Bixio; Constance Lloyd, the wife of Oscar Wilde; the actor Gilberto Govi; and Caterina Campodonico, a peanut monger who saved money over the course of her lifetime in order to have a statue built alongside those of the city's illustrious figures. The cemetery's works of art, paths, galleries, staircases and chapels constitute examples of Neoclassicism, bourgeois Realism, Symbolism, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. Visitors may admire the work of a number of artists, including Barabino, Resasco, Varni, Rivalta, Bistolfi, Ximenes, Canonica, Rubino, and Messina, to name but a few. Moreover, the Commune of Genoa has commissioned the restoration of the entire monumental complex; the Staglieno 2000 project thus foresees the restoration of aging architectural monuments; the implementation of large-scale maintenance operations; the restoration of works of art pertaining to specifically civic issues, such as the La Fede (faith) statue and the Pantheon; the founding, within the cemetery itself, of a School and Permanent Center for the Restoration of Tombstones; the compilation of an online photographic and descriptive inventory of the cemetery's artistic treasures in collaboration with the Artistic and Historic Heritage Superintendence. Further information may be obtained from the unofficial Website:

Urban Park of Old Forts
A large outdoor area, on the heights of Genoa between the Val Bisagno and Valle Sturla valleys, whose landscape, natural beauty and history are of great value, has been selected as an Urban Park of Old Forts according to the Commune of Genoa's General Town Planning Scheme. This site includes all the information pertaining to the park's habitat, history, nature, characteristics, and advantages, along with the area's land use reclassification scheme, which foresees the promotion and enhancement of the park. This is to be achieved through the following measures: guided tours and excursions; an environmental protection program intended for nearby elementary and junior high schools; hiking itineraries of the main hiking paths within the park itself; a detailed program for the rehabilitation of several illegal dumpsites so as to remove, incinerate or recycle waste of various types, including vehicle frames, iron materials, and rubble.

Port Tour - Cinqueterre - Portofino
The pleasant navigation along the coast of Riviera di Levante allows to enjoy the wonderful and well-known places right by the sea: The Golfo Paradiso with Recco and Camogli, the enchanting Bay of San Fruttuoso, the Tigullio Gulf with Portofino, Levanto and Bonassola until the arrival at Cinque Terre Regional Marine Reserve. The journey permits to enjoy all centres (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia e Vernazza) by the sea arriving in Monterosso, where a 3-hours-break is fixed.



New Cetacean Pavilion - Acquario Genova
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